Just relax

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Just relax         This is an expression we’ve all heard and we’ve all probably used. We’re constantly told to just let go and relax as though that’s something that happens at the snap of a finger. Relaxing is something …

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Life, goals and happiness…

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Life, goals and happiness…         I recently got into a cab and after the common courtesies I got into a conversation with my driver. He asked me about what I did and what I was planning on …

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Plastic Surgery for self-esteem?

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Plastic Surgery for self-esteem?             I Recently saw a television program about plastic surgery that highlighted the risks and dangers involved in  cosmetic operations. The program suggested that in surveys conducted in the UK, over …

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Pursuing ‘There’

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Pursuing ‘there’   There is always a ‘there’ – that something we’re trying to reach, accomplish or achieve. It’s often what we fixate upon and what dominates our thoughts, feelings and dreams. Without fail though, there is always another ‘there’ …

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New Year’s Resolutions

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New Year’s Resolutions     Happy New Year Readers! While December tends to be a season of indulgence, celebration and setting resolutions, January tends to be filled with feelings of defeat and shame when those resolutions don’t immediately come true. …

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