Navigating the River

Navigating the River


Today, as I ride the train down to my final acting class of the semester, rushing to get there on time, loaded with brownies and props for my scene. I’m taken aback by how quickly time moves. Last night I spent the night helping a friend with a baby, and my arms are sore from all the jiggling and rocking – I’m sure all you mums out there are familiar. As I held her, I realized that it really goes so fast. Babies are born, classes start and finish, people arrive, and people leave – our lives move rapidly down a river of constant change.

Sometimes we think that the river has stopped and forgotten us. I know I have. For a couple of years, I had that feeling that it had left me behind, uncaring and unforgiving… But it hadn’t.

The river of life never stops, we just get caught up in the snags and reeds and imagine that we’ve been abandoned. We feel stuck with no hope of escape. Once we realize that these hindrances can be dealt with and that they often come from our own minds, we can learn to navigate better.


I have to remind myself of this and I also have to remind myself not to just let the river drag me. I might be subject to it’s current but I’m not floundering in it or pelting down in a tube with no control. I’m in my boat, the construction of my locus of control and self-esteem – a boat so much stronger for Conquering Life’s help. My boat might come into difficult waters, but I can master the wheel.

What I mean by all that is that life shouldn’t feel like it’s dragging us along with no consideration of our thoughts and feelings. We should be able to not only guide our own boats but be able to enjoy the journey. I need to take the time to slow down the pace of my mind and take in where I am and what I’m doing. Maybe I’m dealing with stress, deadlines or even babies but I can still appreciate the river and my passage down it.


Our lives are what we make of them and they really are ours for the taking. Conquering Life helped me to realize that. So today, my rush feels a little calmed and my thoughts are slowing their pace. I’m moving along no matter what, I just need to guide my direction and take in every moment – no use paddling down quicker or anchoring down.

I hope that wherever you are and whatever you’re doing you can take a moment to think about your river and how you’re traveling it. Life really is an incredible journey, and together we can all Conquer Life.


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