Plastic Surgery for self-esteem?

Plastic Surgery for self-esteem?


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          I Recently saw a television program about plastic surgery that highlighted the risks and dangers involved in  cosmetic operations. The program suggested that in surveys conducted in the UK, over a third of the population were unhappy with their bodies and this included a huge percentage of teenagers (many who would have opted for surgery if given the chance). We could argue that this is a product of celebrity influence, unrealistic and often false representation of bodies in the media. We are constantly inundated with images of “perfection”, and there’s so much of it, that we’re not only beginning to see fake as synonymous with sexy, but we’ve also begun to see natural or realistic as undesirable and ugly.

          Here at Conquering Life, we don’t see self esteem as a direct result of our physical appearance, although the two are often intimately connected, but rather as an internally regulated and validated self-assessment. Plastic surgery can sometimes make your body look the way you think you want it to, and other times it might not be successful, but what is clear is that it cannot fix one’s internal feelings.

plastic surgery

          It’s sad for me to see a programme where teens are pointing out false breasts as being more attractive than real. It’s even more upsetting that so many people, not just teenagers, are that deeply unhappy with the way they look. I myself struggled with my weight while growing up and it is something that pops into my head every so often today. Being concerned about your physical wellbeing isn’t necessarily a bad thing especially if it means I’m eating better and exercising more, but, this plastic surgery trend seems to have made “perfection” a tangible goal! And only attainable by monetary means.

          There isn’t anything wrong with getting surgery, in many situations people do benefit greatly from the procedures – although it is important to make sure you go with a reputable and trusted surgeon of course. My concern is that so many people think that surgery will fix a negative self perception only to find that the negativity remains after the alteration is complete. If you can’t love yourself without big breasts, a flat stomach or a straight nose you probably won’t magically start to, once you have those things.

plastic surgery

          At Conquering Life we believe that self love and acceptance is a vital part of a happy life and that it comes even before making physical changes to our appearance. You can start building your self esteem today and it’s a surgery free process! I know it can feel impossible to like yourself and your body when all you see are flaws, but trust me, that is just a mindset rather than a reality.

          We are all beautiful people worthy of self love and acceptance. Plastic surgery might change our wrappers but only we are capable of changing what we find inside. Conquering Life helped me find my self esteem and with it came a new appreciation  and love for my body and looks – self confidence is the most powerful cosmetic procedure ever discovered. So start with a little self love and acceptance today, the path to Conquering Life begins within.

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